Indigo Children (people)

Although indigo people have been around about 100 or so years ,Since around 1970, untill 2000, a steady stream of Indigo children have been born..The indigo principal is a blueprint for the next step in our evolution as a human species, so in practical terms we are all.becoming more like the Indigo.

There purpose is to show us the way spiritually, so Indigo is a potential for all of us as we evolve & make the transition to a new level.of evolution.

The Indigo’s are extremely metaphysical & are all highly talented & gifted,they have spiritual intelligence or physic ablities.

Many are old souls, society in the main deem them autistic, & if they are continuingly given man-made medication they often lose their abilities.

The Indigo refers to the life colour of there Aura, that emanates round them.

Parents of these children , should be & are proud of them.they need to be treated in a beautiful , benevolent, understanding way.. the bias, bigotry nature of many humans towards the Indigo’s, is something like all intolerance,s that mankind needs to transmute

You are all beautiful. Love GG.


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