The Paridym of 3

I am truly blessed. I have had the spiritual experiences of pre 2012 & am now experiencing The new spiritual concepts that have emerged for me I can see & sense the shift & differences that separates the two..The old 80,s,90,,s dark low vibrational energy was a in truth for me a slog through falsities, & half truths & fantastic awareness & awakening when some truths were realised,my battle against darkness was intense, I took a variety of paths , sorcery, dabbled in magick, Qabbalah,drugs, as well as crystals,colour, aromatherapy, alternative religion’s,& a few…

The new energy has opened up so many different options, & new ways of perceiving humanity in it’s greatness, it also enchances greatly the truths I discovered in the old energy, which opened my soul to so.many more truths..passing 2012 was like me passing my to find I am still an acolyte in the thing I can say with great clarity & ” I had to forget everything i think I knew about myself.. I/we am/are much much bigger, better & beyond any constraints of 3D linear thinking..the most important advice that has been echoed over thousands of years by the past master,s & ancients that I can give that carries great wisdom even now in this new spiritual Paridym is” The love of ourself, Is the love of God” that is a spiritual,god, universe,source truth.

The 3 main areas of spiritually that are available now are ,all about accessing the truth about your/our relationship with Gaia. The importance of our Dna, & moving into multi-dimensional quntum physics thinking..if you love yourself more then anything, in a humble compassionate way, accessing the god in you, the rest will come, in ways you will not believe & expect.

I love you all, God loves you all, you are loved by Gaia, yourself..GG

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