Rewriting the future.

There is no death, only a continuous cycle of life.. how cool is that πŸ‘Œ.

In our deep self , our Akosh, which is in our DNA we know this.. blessed with the gift of free choice humans can accept this or not, most at present choose to deny this.

By choosing to remember we shift into into an infinite wisdom, this is a big key to overcoming the fear of death..fear kills prematurely, ..more people will die of fear over covid-19 then covid itself..

With the Advent of the new energy in 2012,we can now more easily then ever actually remember our past lives, I have remembered past lives for many years, but pre 2012 nearly all the remberance was stuck in the dark history of humanity, some glimpses of me having fun,& being loved were filtered to me, but the images of war,famine,illness & hardships were always more 2012 however things changed, now by using the this affirmation ‘”I choose to remember the most joyful,fun,loving,laughter times of my past” or something can activate that part of your askahic record that stores these particular memories, I tell you this because I am aware of the biggest shift in humanities consciousness ever, having experiences both pre & post 2012..this is a massive different paradym, for eseotric awareness & human expansion & evolution. The war with dark shadow, low energy has been won, some battles remain, but now is your time, we have no need to remember our dark history, the days of karma,repeating have passed, the only thing we need to keep repeating is joy,love, laughter,fun,play ,health & doing this you not only make everyday for you more joyful, & happy, you are, by putting this energy back into consciousness & into Earth mother’s crystalline grid rewriting the future, as this energy is stored for your return, & you will be reborn into feelings of instant happinesjoy & benevolent love…this is how we change our planet, the cleansing of the dirt encrusted dark history of humanity, wiping clean the old memories of war,sadness, despair & fear…this is how magnificent you all are in the grandness of evolutionary awareness.

I bless you all in ifinate joy..GG


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