More Money

We are constantly bombarded with cheaper this, cheaper that, sale now on, lowest ever.price, buy now never cheaper, how much you can save…etc. As well as a marketing ploy to get you to buy, it is specifically designed from a low dark energy thinking to keep you in money lack..always thinking you need to save a few bucks, for something else.

The mass public buy into this low lack of money ploy..The trick is to avoid buying anything that is cheaper then the price you initially saw..never look for it cheaper,or a better deal, if you see something for day know deep down you can already afford it ,as you would not have even considered buying the item, buy it , even pay 260,70, for it, be proud of your wealth & abundance, never succumb to LESS..know you have infinite consistent money flow.

You are the most amazing abundant prosperous being. ..GG

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