First angels are are not corporeal , they are multi-dimensional beings, & are both spectacular & grand, the come in benevolence when needed.

The most interesting truths are they are no gender, there is no heirachay , they are a collective of light consciousness, only 3D linear thinking separates them, there is no arch angel Micheal…lol..& humans do not become Angels..angels become Angels, humans become humans, they are exquisite source Messengers of guidence & truth whose purpose is to watch, be & help us reach our true magnificence & grandness.

No 3d thinking can ever truly appreciate the Majesty of these creations,..think absolute beauty, & then go beyond that..they stay with you whether you believe in them or not, they do not judge your actions,as they see & know everything , like all beings beyond the veil.

I bow my head in reverence, compassion,honour,& humility for knowing they are there.. GG


3 responses to “Angels✳️”

  1. Beautiful


  2. Thank you for this, I deeply resonate with this post! Awesome work as always my friend, much love 🤍🤗


  3. Thank you..I honour & respect your beautiful humanity..💗..GG

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