Our DNA in the womb of Gaia.

Oh Earth mother , how you protect our DNA,in your womb of feminity.

Waiting for our return,to implant out body yet again .

Wishing without judgement or anger this time we pour new wisdom into your your crystalline grid & consciousness.

Refreshing, cleansing, healthy, healing our Dna energy.

Expanding our wisdom,so you can embrace our magnificence at last,in your womb of Gaia.

Hug ,with beautiful compassion our new humanity at is core smiling, in the comfort of your womb of Gaia.

You feel a new kind of benevolence washing you of our past debris, of despair,hatred,,anger & mis-guided choices..all in the womb of Gaia.

Old dark energy & thinking pattern,s easing as a pulltice of old soul remembering the ancient wisdom heals the womb of Gaia.

It’s beautiful as 100,s of millions of higher inner god/, source vibrant thinking engulfs you every moment, in the womb of Gaia.

Finally humanity, your intended saviour , honour you with insights & wisdom ,that support your wonderful compassionate, unwavering love, the womb of Gaia.

You now know rape, pollution,,& hurt of your creations is starting to cease as humans begin to honour the womb of Gaia.

A new DNA caresses your womb,a new remembering,that can be passed onto to more caring evolving seeds of human.. the softness in the womb of Gaia.

“My head is bowed ,tears flowed from my eyes as I offer you my beautiful readers & follower’s this article Gaia is in Union with me”…GG

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