No figuring out

Why do we try to figure everything out, we feel love.know it ,enjoy it,it dose not need to to be figured is spirit god/source, so why are we still trying to figure it it is simple..there is a beautiful system , that 3D linear thinking will never understand,..all we need to do is ask 🗣️..give permission, to your inner god/source ..there is. no hard work, worry,or doubting, they are so 3D linear thinking, & stuck in the old repeating energy of *I am getting no where”..there is no climbing,or trying to get anywhere.

We have been given the gift of free choice, to ask our inner god/source to show us or not,.. there is nothing to to find, no place to go, we have everything we need,it is all built in, 1,000,s upon 1000,of years of accumulated knowledge,..let go of what’s next in my Awakening,..ask keep,calm,avoid fear through joy, laughter happiness & fun..& feel love.& be patient.thats it

You will be given the information you need, is nearly always something that you don’t expect, so expect nothing, do not force it,let go, flow,it is endless & not synronistic, that,s so 3D linear thinking .don’t wonder about it is nothing to do but want & ask.

Blessings & love GG

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