The Brave Human

We collectively are incredibly brave.. yippee!?..when we 1st decided to come here as humans , we were told that we would face Many hardships, war, volcano,s earthquakes, tsuanamis,famine,desease,die,very young,etc throughout many many lifetimes, & in the field of potentials we might not even succeed..yet we still chose to come here..then on top.of that..we arrive ,& forget our purpose…lol.

All of our history brings us to now, past the point of self-destruction,..a time of never going back to the old ways,..our service to the planet & humanity is to pour light awareness into the crystalline grid, to quicken the process of humanity growing up & expanding into our fullest potential,..The Pleiadians, seeded us, with their & sources divinity, they are our sisters & brothers racially..what had happened to us the Pleiadians went through over a million years ago..& when we evolve into our full potential, we will seed life on another young continues the evolution of the Galaxy..a lot of planets have not made it & destroyed themselves,..we thankfully & in grateful gratitude through our magnificence & free choice..ploughed through the low dark dense vibrational energy into a new time..there are still difficulties ahead, & you may at times feel despair at it all..but benevolence,joy, love & the new DNA transformation, that is the new awareness, is the way forward…light light & more light.

You are the new human, magnificent,& ready to shine your benevolent beautiful energy in this process…I love you all 💌..GG

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