New spiritually.

Over the course of my Awakening, I have uncovered many mystery schools wisdom & have been shown dozens.of techniques, exercises,& practices, which I used many times ..I have described a few of these on this blog..these were the ones I used most.

There are many more I could describe to you my beautiful readers & follower’s, but to be honest most of those never really worked for would now with the Advent of the new beautiful fresh energy, that arrived in 2012 be inappropriate in these times..the reason being, they were meant for an old energy , they are now old spiritual practices, which would probably have little effect in today’s Awakening.

You see a new energy brings with it new eseotric ideas, & practices with it’s higher consciousness.. simply put ,out with the old in with the new,like everything in our 3D linear thinking reality right now… nothing will be the same.. nothing remember that everything you know ,think or recognize will change…hold onto nothing you know about yourself–embrace everything new that is coming from the God/source within are not who you think you are, you are better, bigger & much more benevolent & magnificent.

Even the word spiritually,is probably unfit for this new awakening,it is all about our DNA now, so.perhaps a more appropriate term to use might be ” Dna transcendence “.. billions of our DNA particles lay dormant, most humans use only a fraction of there potential DNA, .3% of our DNA are active,.

The new awareness is about becoming more body,dna cell aware, sending messages of intent to your innate dna dormant cells & reactivate them ,bring plenty of joy,fun, laughter,play, benevolence, &love in your life & of course ask, them, god,source,your angelic guides for wisdom in this.

If there ever was a place for our higher self, it is in our DNA..this is the new age of expansion,growth, wisdom, awareness & high information & new ways of working.

You are all love & loved..GG

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