A new energy for achieving Mastery

This is the new Energy we have all been waiting for, it’s the 1st time the winds have been with us.. post 2012.

Our DNA is ready to be enchanced,..From an observational point of view I see many many humans who have choosen a (for want of a better word) spiritual path… who now feel different & asking why dose it feel different &why do I feel different.

Of course you will feel different, your body is asking for this change.
There are now new tools & more becoming available for humanity to expand, that were never available before, , because they came with the new energy embedded in the consciousness of the Pleiadian nodes & Nulls, that are now active.

One of the new tools now readily available one of the many new kids on the block..is the art of talking to yourself,.. particularly talking to your body & cells…it is one of things the ascended Masters knew.

Another Is the ability to be able stay in a meditive state at all times, no matter what you are doing, as a light carrier & worker, so your continued vibrational frequency can be felt by other’s.. the Christ consciousness, or Budda pulse to name but two…this is part of the new human..

These are just two of the exciting journey tools that have been brought into.our consciousness thinking, hammering on the lower linear dark 3D human thinking, waiting to be given permission by your free choice ,to happen..the ability to ask.. oh how simple ,& we humans still have to make it so complicated, by asking the wrong questions,comparing,not believing in simplicity, doubting , trying to figure it out.. there is nothing to figure out, the system so to speak is there..the Masters told us “ask & you shall receive”..we are now recognising our mastery… I have always known it is simple..maybe not easy, but simple.

I love each & everyone one of you with humble benevolence..GG

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