My beautiful starseed Mother.

I stand arms aloft ,feet slightly apart, in the star shape.

As soft sonic light language musical tones omit from my I am self,vocal melodies of my starseed song, in honour of my beautiful starseed mother.

Oh her compassion, her delightful gaiety,giggling & laughter as she embraces me with a feminine love beyond comprehension.

She is dignified,it is poignant feminity unleashed in it’s pure majestical beauty.

Oh yes my mother hears my song, always,as my sonic harmony vibrant infinately throughout the galaxy..”my child ” she tells me “it dances in wonderment among all your actions you empower the female”. I shiver at her words, her magnificent benevolent love.

I stand as a human star in humility,embraced & bathed in unspeakable warmth,beauty, compassion,wisdom & love.

“Oh my beautiful starseed mother I bless you “.her innate feminine motherly instincts help remind me I have been female many times.

I feel wonderful in that knowing,the feminine energy is alive,spreading,healing & unifying the masculine of the Earth.

I am your child my beautiful starseed mother, but we both know we are so much more.

I honour ,bless & love the female..💕felt benevolence as always..GG

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