Gaia,s energy hotspots.

Their are 12 pairs of:sacred hotspots on Earth, created by the Pleiadians, probably where they landed on this.planet…they are known as Nodes & Nulls, or Time capsules..they are a duality energy of push & pull…they were set to activate on 21st of December 2012..if humanity reached this point without destroying themselves…in our magnificence we

The location of the pairs as channeled by kryon via Lee Carroll.. are (24 all)..the a,s are nodes & b,s Nulls.

1a: Maui.. Hawaii

1b: Chad..South Africa

2a: lake Titicara..Peru

2b Mt Kailash..Tibet

3a Yucatan Pennsylvania. Mexico.

3b: Mt Kilmanjaro.. Tanzania.

4a: Mt Shasta, Calif..USA.

4b: Mt Ararat.. Turkey

5a: Uluru (Australia)

5b: Mt Liyon Yukon Canada.

6a: Mt Ida.. Arkansas..USA

6b: Mt Fitzroy.. Argentina

7a: Aonaki..Mcutlech.. New Zealand.

7b: Urol Mountains.. Russia.

8a: Mt Blanc.. France

8b: Mt Aconcagua.. Argentina

9a: Glastonbury .. England.

9b: Gunnbjorn Fjord.. Greenland.

10a: Rila mountain .. Bulgaria

10b: Victory Mountain.. Kyrgyzstan

11a: Moch Picchu..Peru

11b: Andes.Pyrennes. Spain

12a: Table Mountain.. South Africa.

12b: Meili snow mountain..China.

There are time capsules in the oceans..whales & dolphins are linked with multi-dimensional information.

& They are in our DNA ..(Akash).

Awareness & information are our key to remembering & raising our vibrational energy levels.

I send you benevolent love & blessings…GG

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  1. This is great, I love it! Keep up the awesome work!! 🤍🤍🤗

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