The change is coming!!

America yesterday Wednesday 6th January..the exposing of the dark has begun.. while most Americans looked on in horror at the events.. They probably should be jumping with joy in a beautiful benevolent way..the change is happening..& it’s going to get even more bumpy.. over the next few months events like this will occur throughout the Western world in particular..the dark is being purged from our planet..all you lightworkers are now needed ,to help spread love, benevolence,hope, joy & through your conscious thoughts & compassionate action, you are the ones who will smile,laugh,dance, & be non-judgemental on others, encouraging the respect,dignity,& the love of God,source, in yourself & others,..the change is coming..stand tall, as you fly above it all..& shine the light on our beautiful, wonderful,changing Earth..Gaia, benevolent humans,higher dimensional beings of love & light, angels of beauty ,& source I stand by you in this exciting time for Earth , humanity & the Galaxy..GG

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