Pulling upon & staying in Joy

Joy is such an healing power.. laughter is a potent medicine..your body innate abilities respond to joy, happiness,& laughter..by remembering & bringing all your inner childs lives joyful moments into your consciousness your life span enhances,& your life becomes more joyful..be childlike.as much as possible.

Joy is perhaps the prime aspect of if god/source..joy is contagious..here are four attributes.of bringing & sustaining joy in your life.

1: positive,meaningful affirmations, from memory repeated every morning..no matter how you feel..& if course throughout the day.

You body responds to your voice & choice to bring joy, happiness & laughter.

2: laughter.. remembering what makes you laugh.. listen,,watch & read things that make you laugh & giggle.

3: recognize & know a basic truth..body wants to heal .it is waiting to be given permission, open the door.

4: Force the 1st 3 if you have to.. because joy,laughter & giggling are natural..

You are bigger then you ever think, your body is smarter than you know..embrace joy, happiness & laughter everyday in your life..your cellular structure works..joy will sustain you through all the seemingly negative, dark energy times ahead..it is truly amazing, magnificent & healing.

You have my love & blessings to overflow & indulge in joy, happiness & laughter…GG


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