Are worldwide lockdowns, a protective message from light?

Ask yourself what are your concerns about any lock down ..if you have any anxieties,fears or anger you are buying into the dark energy…being indoors alone or with immediate family is awesome, you can play the music you may have not heard for a long time,or read those books you always wanted to, or have fun with children playing, cooking your favorite foods, drinking your favorite drink,..& that’s without spending invaluable time just being & connecting with the god force you are & your universal & Galactic family…now what if that source,god,or force beyond the veil, just happened to play a wild card of protection for those who are aware ,& can see beyond 3D linear thinking..suppose lockdown has been created to get us to used to staying in, moving us beyond the our fear, as a discipline, readying us for the probable violent backlashes in our town’s & cities streets in the coming few those of humanity who are still steeped in dark energy confront their darkness, there fears, frustration,s anger & despair at their perceived breakdown of reality..not knowing this is a requirement needed to purge Earth & humanity of the dark dense energy..& return it to light..& source light in it’s Infinate wisdom & knowing created & has given us a chance to protect ourselves from this dark time by allowing us to get used to staying safe in our homes as all this unfolds, so we can just be, & offer benevolence , love, understanding ,& non-judgement to those of us who have not yet awakened..this is probably what they need to start a spark I side them..those of us more light filled & aware have no need to participate in this coming chaos.. because the source had shown us how to protect ourselves..& we know it will pass & better , beautiful times lay ahead.

In love, benevolence & light..GG

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