Numerology. (basics)

Tibetan numerology is the oldest on the planet..numbers have energy, so numerology is the energy of numbers.

Numbers have messages look at a book all the pages are numbered, & each page has a message.

Now the basic Numerology 1-9

1: New beginnings (new 1st number)

2: Duality (free choice.. decisions)

3: Catalyst ( moves..lots of healers have 3]

4: Earth..(the Earth number,Gaia, grounded)

5: change (raw change..2021=5..big changes coming)

6: Harmony: (co-operation, unity)

7: Spiritual (basis)

8: Manifestation & Abundance:. ( Not just money..long life,Health,& body healing)

9: Completion: endings, end of something).

It start to get a lot more complicated as each number has its own astrology attributes, all planets are involved.

The Master numbers are


11: illumination

22: strong duality

33: compassion..(number of our DNA).

The rest are pretty unknown at present.. although I am sure a aligned experienced Numerologist will have more insights on these then me…lol.

can probably give you a lot more information..if interested.


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