Growing seeds

We are currently living in a children’s version of Ascension. ..angels & others came from ascended planets to plant seeds…After 2012 the seeds are now just beginning to grow..part of that growing is the collapse of the old is essential!!..The light will show up dark dirt, as it cleanses, it is this eons dark created reality that will reveal itself, showing us what we have created in the past..& now we will never go not despair, as we look at our collective shadow being shown to us, Rejoice because humanity &the planet are cleansing & beginning to vibrate in is a time of transformation.. individually & collectively opportunity of more clarity. There are energies that are helping & supporting us,as we move out of this, we recognise everybody & humanity for who they are, & we imbue the growing seeds of consciousness. Compassion wisdom, benevolence, generosity..sharing & giving that is true abundance.

To do this trust self..attune to Vastness within, not the squeezed 3D linear without,. The potentials allied in the field are enourmous..we were given free choice, two ways if being..either dark or light, conditioning or de-conditining..that’s all it is.

Remembering the Akashic is the awakening, awarenesses, us the 1st step.. peace in Earth is a requirement before the next step..often a step backwards is required to make us/the planet more aware.

Namaste.. blessings in love..GG

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