Cleaning of the Crystalline Grid.

This beautiful planet Earth has been gifted by the Benevolent Pleiadians a Crystalline Grid.. crystalline has as been proven by science holds vibration..

This crystalline core,grid also remembers, it holds the Akashic records of humanity & it’s history, all our records of past lives are stored here..imprints are left by us everytime we leave.

The Pleiadians were tasked with bringing enlightenment to assist with this task, they created 12 hotspots , in places where there ships landed, these hotspots consisted a pair of energy generators, known as nodes & nulls, a push/ pull principle. They were set to become active if humanity reached humans in our magnificence did, the nulls became active , pouring this new energy into mother Earth’s crystalline grid, a energy imbued with the higher consciousness of the Pleiadian 🌟 seed mother’s, a clean higher dimensional vibrational frequency energy, full of light..

This energy is now sweeping through the crystalline grid, & old souls who have returned & are returning, are remembering, & knowing, as this new consciousness stirs within them..

The old lower energy accumulated over thousands of years is still. stored in the crystalline grid ( which is mostly dark) has to be swept away, the grid has to be cleaned as the new higher conscious human comes in, gradually humanity will be reborn with this new more benevolent,caring,light energy…older souls alive now who are remembering are contributing to this process, as our though,& actions create our reality, this all gets embedded in the crystalline grid,s memory..thus more & more light higher consciousness is created..this is how humanities new evolution is happening.

Now of course as the old low vibrational energy is cleared from the crystalline grid, it because it has already been created & stored make itself manifest in our we will.still see & experience darkness at work, as it becomes exposed to us, more of humanity because of the new light consciousness will reject it,..darkness is beaten, light has won, but we still have to finish the job so to speak…& that will probably generate fear & anxiety in lots of humanity…as all the old energy memories are sucked away.

I love you all in compassion & Benevolence ..GG


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