Moses & the Exodous

Everything is energy orientated. Here is another example of how it works… Everything is far more important, & greater then human 3D linear thinking can grasp. By the writing of all my blogs I hope to open you up to a more expansive , awareness, & choose to allow &awaken the god image of who you are..helping to shift you from 3D linear thinking …the new human is way beyond that.

Moses was born into the royalty of Egypt. He spent 40 yrs looking after animals, it was not till he was 80, he stepped on the mountain & the 1st direct communication from a multi-dimensional being was made..Mose interpretation of this was he saw a burning was his way as a human with 3D linear thinking could describe it.

The voice identifyied was “YAHE” a sacred word..Moses was terrified ,he had so many doubts & was far greater then we think..the 10 commandments were actually instructions of light at the time for a better way of life for this civilisation, the 5th one on our Planet, they were not commandments, god commands not, they were a free choice in offer, free choice was,is & always will be a god given sovereignty.

The idea of the Exodous was for Moses to lead his people from slavery, he split them into 2 groups of 12. He did not go..not because as the scripture,s say because he did any wrong..his sole purpose & energy was to arrange the exodous, once he had done that his was then an old energy..the Exodous itself was a new exciting energy that had to be carried by others, a 40yr walk to the promised land.

Moses was 117yrs old when he died.a man with extraordinary courage, benevolence,& love for his people.

I hope after reading this you take ❤️ & open up to your inner god,source,spirit, whatever you choose to call it & embrace your energy ,& thinking beyond 3D linear.. that’s the new human ..

I send you all a light language blessing ..GG

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