Joy is waking up each morning.

Joy is seeing the light of day

Joy is the sun rising

Joy is enjoying rain, sleat & snow.

Joy is knowing your day will flow effortlessly.

Joy is accepting your daily abundance.

Joy is feeling your connection to the source.

Joy is knowing I Am that I am.

Joy is embracing Gaia.

Joy is nature.

Joy is self love.

Joy is your magnificence.

Joy is your beauty.

Joy is your benevolence.

Joy is in waiting.

Joy is in your wisdom & knowledge.

Joy is in your compassion.

Joy is in your strength.

Joy is seeing your creations

Joy is seeing love in others.

Joy is listening to your body.

Joy is in acknowledgement of your spirit guides.

Oh how joyous us our life..I send you Infinate joy…GG

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