🌏 mother Gaia

Thus post is in honour & humble respect for our beloved Planet Earth,s Consciousness “Mother Gaia”

Gaia in human 3D linear thinking terms is a dog with unconditional love for humanity.

A dog no matter how badly they get treated ,abused,hurt & tormented by a disrepectful unaware perhaps, perhaps not owner. When a new owner cones along & shows them even that slightest bit of love & compassion, they respond with a joyous unconditional.love, dogs have had for many years what us humans have mostly forgotten “a remembered innate connection. to source’.

Earth mother Gaia bus the same, humanity on the whole have abused her planet, her children who she was meant to care for, her soul, for millennia or more..she in her benevolence for us suffered this, abuse, hurt, disappointment, & rape,..knowing & having a belief in humanity, her saviours,..& now just like a tormented dog finding a new more caring owner,she is at long last found the growing in numbers more loving, benevolent, planet aware new humans.

I for one am here for you dearest Earth mother, goddess, & send you my humble, beautiful, benevolent,wisdom, compassion ,honour & respect, that you do so deserve..in the love of my Godliness…GG

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