Time or not?

Do not adjust your clocks..lol.

This subject is possibly one of the hardest to explain simply to a 3d linear thinking humanity.

I always like to write things in a simple explanatory way.. complexity confuses my non-linear thinking. Lol.

But I was guided to write this today, the 1st day of 2021..a new year in 3D linear thinking time.

So to begin, multi-dimensional timing is innate in all of us…it.is round, circular, continuous- this is why nearly all clocks are round, within which are man made 3D linear thinking time… amazing perhaps, coincidence no..lol.

Whereas our time perception is in straight linear timelines ,past , present, future, like a track..we find it very difficult to see or perceive it any differently..yet physics has discovered inconstancies in time principles, they have found ways in which time slows down.(which I showed how to in a previous post) & speeds up under certain conditions..but as yet do not know why?

So with multi-dimensional timing going in a circular round motion, past, present, future are a continum, merging from one into another & back again.. everything happens virtually simultaneously..so a multi-dimensional light being is aware of all in a particular timeline that is happening ,has happened,& will happen at the same moment. The moment of now.. now is all there ever is. From the now you can create & manifest..you move from 1 moment of now to the next continuously.

Each of our lifetime’s are in this multi-dimensional wheel,circle of continuum, so when at a certain point on this multi-dimensional clock so to speak. Lol… you reach a past life moment, you may then suddenly remember it, a deju vu moment, a “groundhog day ” revelation–now the really interesting bit!!… YIPPEE.

Supposing you after reaching this point of past remembering, now realise you are at a future point in your life on the multi-dimensional time clock, a piece of the continuing circle that is your future & you then with complete intent & clarity create your future at that point, a kind of intensified burst of what you want your life to be..what do you think will happen?…yes will lay the seeds for that future to actually happen in your next passing of that point, because we remember our situations, & it will occur, so you can actually predict your future accurately from your past (current lifetime cycle)..see how Magnificent, wonderful,& magical we can be , once we push past the dense 3D linear mass conscious thinking …you really are an amazing, loved,blessed being.

As ever In Benevolent love & blessings..GG

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