God, Mount Sinai & the 10 commandments.

Darkness is absence of light, god is light & love & is so understanding ,only we humans don’t understand it in it’s magnitude.

A mother’s love for a child is the nearest to our conception of God most of.us understand..yet even this beautiful compassionate love is so shallow when compared of that to god,source,or whatever you choose to call it.

Humanity has took the beauty of god & brought it down to their linear little thinking low vibrational energy level.

There is no punishment .. unconditional love means there is nothing to pay, no payment no judgement..The concept of punishment,guilt & payment often associated with religion god is man 3D thinking.

We are alive with God’s Energy, go inside & ask ” dear God, spirit,,source, universe, or whatever feels comfortable is there any guilt, punishment,or payment for your love!!” Guess what the answer will be. Give permission to release fear,guilt,& payment, & invite God in to your life..it is free choice that is all.

This is the 5th civilisation of humanity we have seen..Mt Sinai was the 1st place god, source,creator, showed itself to a human in our civilisation.

The 10 commandments although good , mean nothing in that form because God dose not command anything from us..If there was a commandment it would be ” love yourself ,like God loves you” that’s it.

Our current quest as been that if climbing Mt Sinai the exodous if you like ended in 2012, we arrived at the summit..make the exodous & arrival a personal one of dispersing the old dark energy & stepping into the new.

I bless you all in love & light…GG

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