Mayan’s & 2012

The Mayan’s mapped the 🌟 & planets. They worked out the orbital times, knew when the great conjunctions were going to happen & they knew the 2012 Equinox was going to occur.. now considering they started their calendar in 3114 BC or BCE, that was 5,125 yrs of Galactic movement & time they charted & dated..what a magnificent achievement..they knew that 2012 was either the end or a new beginning.. the last such event was about 26,000 yrs ago .& that did not work..this time despite the controlling darkness energies & predictions of doom & destruction we ,us you, humankind made it.

We are now into this magnificent 36yr event & our closest benevolent higher conscious light beings the Pleiadians went through the same as us in their 🌟 system Pleidies, a star cluster of 800 stars in the Taurus constellation about 440 light years away. This is why they understand us & love us with benevolence, & of course so many of humanity are Pleiadian 🌟 seeds.

We can learn so much from these beautiful loving light beings, invite them willingly into your life , they will if they can guide you in wisdom.

Love Love πŸ’ž…GG

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