Celebrating the 57 million.

Why is the world media not celebrating the 57 million that have survived covid-19…are they bias, humanity is magnificent, marvellous, we have exceptional body healing prowess..the world TV channels,news, papers,should be uplifting us , recognising how beautiful we are, not vunrable weaklings who are afraid ..enough is enough…show us the power of each & every human that has conquered this virus. .

You are beautiful,strong,loved , magnificent, & more then capable of resisting , remove the fear & anxiety…I send you all love,healing & health..GG


3 responses to “Celebrating the 57 million.”

  1. Reblogged on @DiosRaw and a shoutout. ❤

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    1. I am humbled & blessed by your generosity…much benevolence. .💞..GG

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