Quantum energy ..in easy GG terms..lol.

Teaching hat on today..lol.

Consciousness is energy, Energy is physics. So therefore Consciousness in it’s self is Physics..simples really & I am no scientist..lol.

Now Quantum according to Wikipedia ” in physics a Quantum {plural for Quanta) is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction.The fundeme tal notion that a physical property can be Quantized is referred to as “The Hypothesis of Quantization”..it’s ok I am lost too. Lol.

The study of Quantum energy is still relatively new & in it’s theory stage..but very soon we will be able to not only measure it, but hear & see it, because Quantum energy is actually a multi-dimensional energy..& we will invent (no not me). lol..a Quantum Receiver, where those who don’t already will hear & see the rest of our Galaxy..imagine that a worldwide recognised acknowledgement that our Galaxy talks &,sings to us & for the 1st time the beautiful benevolent light beings will be seen by 100,s of millions of humans ( that have never heard or seen anything like it). What a realisation & in real time hearing too. This is where light language will come into its own….what a day!!..The beginning of this exciting time will probably start in around 10yrs

I bless you all today with a light language blessing. Love & compassion..GG


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