A Divine Feminine age.

We are in a divine Feminine age. The time of a more softer motherly Earth…the more harsher unbalanced strict Father energy was based in the old pre 2012 energy.

A beautiful Epoch which has brought & will bring forth many more Turquoise female beings… Turquoise is a mix of blue =healing & green =mother..healing mother..this is why so many more women are becoming blessed , beautiful, wonderful healers, & the new information that the here before art of shamanism, which was considered male is actually better suited to woman, & more & more women are choosing this as their purpose.

Our portal to this energy is the pineal which acts as a filter & the ascended heart & as this new Feminine balanced energy flows in we connect, understand & become more aware of our Godness (source self) & the old god father like energy dissipates..god is not a parent, a father figure as used in some religions..the angry,father , punishment , control,do as your told now syndrome..this needs to & will be broke as we change our relationship with God.

Because of our 3D thinking, we always think someone is in charge , we create & work in a system of heiracahy..even angels …when their is not one..lol..we really need to stop thinking like humans..lol

It is because of the Pleiadian females , starseed mother’s, that angels are nearly always seen to us as beautiful females,..why Moses saw a Pleiadian.

This beautiful feminine divine era & energy is based on “compassionate action” that is the way forward for humanity, practice it as much as possible, incorporate it in your life.

This is the energy of Earth mother Gaia, it is beautiful, wonderful, Divine, exciting, motherly & full of feminine Grace.

You are much loved…GG

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