Landings on the White House Lawn. Lol!!

It was & still is often said ” if there are other life forms out there, why have they not visited or landed”. I laugh in joy. As over the years how many sightings have there been of UFO (not appropriate words really) craft..& often the same people when told this reply” it,s a hoax , they don’t exist”.

One of main reasons our benevolent light beings have not yet landed on the White House Lawn” (so to speak) is because we are too dangerous!!.. how would most us (particularly our leaders & governments) react f this happened today!!. .would we as a loving reformed collective humanity say “oh it’s ok it’s the Pleiadians, or Arcturians or Lemurians, or any of the other Galactic light beings. They come in peace & love, let’s embrace them…or would we immobilize a vast array of weapons against them. …

The old energy of fear has been implanted in most of us ,again particularly our world leaders, how many films ,tv shows etc have been made by the old energy media where, every out of space contact has been an invasion & the aliens have come to take our resources, destroy or control us…all made from the remembering of the makers past lives..when this overtone of the darkness we have lived in for 1,000,s of years. In fact in a recent “Galactic federation of light” communication 3 months ago. It was said ” light beings would not enter because the darkness’s consciousness control of Earth threatened to use nucular weapons. . darkness is afraid of light, it disperses & transforms it eventually. Lol..Since 2012 that has changed , darkness as been in retreat & been in effect beaten, but as we are only 8 yrs into this new uplifting higher conscious energy, many of humanity are still unawakened & are still holding onto the darks most used duel weaponry conscious wise fear & anxiety…but as more & more souls return here, & already in 8yrs a lot have, & the older unawakened pass on to return wiser into this fresher 5D consciousness,& many more who are here become can see how our beliefs, thinking, awareness & reality will change. & soon you will see our benevolent , beautiful light beings landing on the White House Lawn & being welcomed,embraced & humanity eager to learn from them. .. Yippee, happy, loving, days are upon us …

Have a marvelous boxing day, knowing how magnificent you are. As always in blessings & light . .GG

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