The moguls are coming!!

Gengis Khan (1162-1277( was the ferocious leader of the mogul warlike warriors, they conquered through fear,& pillage,..a warning was always given when a town or village was targeted for an Eminant attack… therefore for the most part the population of these areas would had the choice to upsticks & move on or stay . Those who stayed faced the consequences of there choices!!(remember we all have free choice)

In today’s terms Genghis Khan might be deemed as a Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake, Tsunami, or Volcanic eruption…Most can be predicted with reasonable accuracy when they will arrive or occur in a given area. So when a high alert is given that one or more of these Genghis Khan like attacks is about to hit an area, & the sound advice from Authorities(for once) is to evacuate…why do so many people refuse, then when in trouble or need help after the event..expect the same so called authorities to assist them in the aftermath, it is irresponsible & often Ego controlled, & being unable to let go of what we have , through fear of not believing we can create an Infinate abundance and create even more in a new environment.

So you can choose to live in an area where there are no moguls or choose to stay or leave when the moguls are coming…bearing in mind that we have free choice, & create our own reality

You have my blessings on this beautiful day of sacred & joyful celebration ..GG

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