Alcohol & drugs

The old energy new age(1980-1999)..…was for those who witnessed it .. ME!! a rather strange that time the so called new age & new age festivals etc , was really rather boring & wishy washy, in my experiences at that time, not wrong but simply embedded in in the old darkness energy & could not therefore work for the most of humanity..for the most part the new age movement was deemed elitist & middle class , it always seemed to avoid the issues of darkness, directly, & the dispersing of the shadow self, almost insisting it never existed, when the old energy was predominantly darkness,.this new age movement became a religion were Alcohol & drugs rightly or wrongly were virtually prohibited considered no,no,s to obtaining spiritual enlightenment & vegerteriaism was a must, was conformity in a dark energy that needed drastic teachings & action to reduce the the thick veil of dark consciousness , that at the time contained the more benign elements & alien beings that was blocking the light & benevolent beings of humanity from entering our space ..

The old energy that took our free choice about alcohol & drugs & enlightenment from us..has now passed.

We are now in a fresher energy where we know ourselves better & with the same free choice, as we have always had,& can decide for ourselves about the effect Alcohol & drugs has on our enlightenment..not like the old dark energy that told us it did..this is another example of the more liberating higher conscious at work..less judgemental, & more encompassing.

Love, love.. celebrate with joy happiness ,fun & compassion for your source & others .merry Christmas, & holidays to you all…GG

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