Covid-19 update

We need to be aware that Covid-19 is for now, it is the right time & place.. Planet Earth needs/needed to come to a standstill ) shutdown .it is a rebuild of the Earth’s energy…why has no other similar pandemic,’s brought about warlike conditions without a war ..this is the 1st virus since the new energy shift of 2012..that’s why! .this us a different is needed, .our freedom is beyond linear 3D awareness, we are naturally free, no freedom,s can be taken from us is showing us, how world governments are still stuck in the old energy… where the change is needed,s not about a vaccine..that’s coming from old energy. This is about recognising our bodies innate immune system…a different way of healing , instead of pumping man-made drugs into a higher consciousness body…the fear of this virus, is another example of the old way energy..fear & anxiety…awaken the self healing within you, it is part of source.

I am not a doctor, so this is not professional advice, just a alternative perspective .we all have choice.

In compassion, awareness & love..GG

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