Pleiadians,star wars & humanity.

Starwars is an interesting

The epic Starwars movies came out of the imagination of George Lucas..oh no!!…These were his memories, his remembering of when he was a Pleiadian child..oh yes.. the Pleiadians were involved in the real Galactic Starwars…

Humanity is in its infancy compared to other races & species in our Galaxy, we are about 200,000 yrs old, a mere spit in Universe terms ..other Galatic beings were here on Earth before us, the Lemurian,s being the 1st star seed beings , the Pleiadians however are the closest to us, & our chromosomes are of Pleiadian orgin..they implanted 12 pairs to form our DNA..a pair being a node & a noll, there are 12 Pleiadian power spots on this planet, nodes where the Pleiadian ships originally landed, they are sometimes known as “Time capsules” ..In 2012, they began to activate.. because the Pleiadians & others knew planet Earth had gone beyond the prophecies of Armageddon & destruction, & was therefore ready to start it’s Ascension from 3/4 D to 5D & beyond.

What We must remember is in our Galaxy 10,000,s of planets have gone through what Earth is currently doing. They have ascended to a higher consciousness.

You are all beautiful,& we as humans have entered a wonderful time ,as our expansion to 5D & beyond had begun.

Namaste.. blessings in love & peace…GG

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