Understanding Day

The internet is one of the products of the new energy,..a prelude to human telepathic communication, that is coming..with the internet humankind can communicate with each other worldwide , thereby finding out & understanding more about each other, culturally, ethically & socially in a way like never before.

To enhance this further still perhaps we need to promote a world understanding day, where a complete day is spent in understanding children, teenager’s, & adults worldwide..if a poll was held on war.or not, it is almost guaranteed.the consensus would be not..the new.consciousness is reaching out to our old energy leaders & screaming..war no more..& therefore has to soon shift Earth into a no more war senario,.

If love was discussed, nearly all would embrace it at some level.. helping love spread majestically.

The Masters knew about love as a transference energy, we can right now emulate the Masters , & master love ourselves by giving love en masses,using the internet & meditation… laughter a energy of love creates laughter, light creates light, love creates love… gone assigned to the old energy garbage bin is the ” you are weird, strange ” because you speak about metaphysical things, & energy,..in fact it is becoming the new normal..lol.

So here’s to a world understanding day, were we transfer, the energies of light,love,& understanding of humanity,where we pray,cheer,celebrate, dance in joy,as a united forward thinking conscious human.

I am now going to meditate, pray & celebrate the Christmas Star..much joy,love, light & celebration of this wonderful opportunity .. you are safe,loved & wonderful…GG

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