Christmas Star Reminder.

Tommorow 21/12..the magical energetic alignment of the planets Saturn & Jupiter ..this happens every 20 years, but this particular alignment will create the 1st Christmas Star in over 700yrs wonderful,joyful,..this energy alignment is more exciting then previous ones, . this is also the 1st alignment of these two planets since the purer, higher,new energy of 2012…no coincidence it brings with it the first Christmas Star in so long..this brings more then hope..hope is gone, assigned to the old energy garbage brings more clarity, definition, to our part of the comes at comes at a time of merriment, celebration,fun,joy, laughter,song,dance,.despite a seemingly difficulties ..Well join me in saying “Humbug” as scrooge said to this difficult time..Each & everyone of us can, meditate,then dance,sung,shout,jump for joy,laugh play with our children,or our favorite teddy.. throw flowers in the air,cheer,clap,as we embrace our human unity as a singular sovereign aspect of God .. our unity is us knowing this me ,you ,us, celebrating & singing in a blessing for humanness,no matter where we are, alone or in pairs, & the peace on Earth that will happen..& that is only the start.. Yippee 😇.

I love each & every one of you in benevolent beauty..GG

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