The End of Karma

Since planet Earth survived the Apocalyptic prophecies around the year 2012 ( end of world etc) the old energy that contained all that sludge is being wiped away.

The beginning of a beautiful new aware benevolent human is upon us..& the compassionate, wonderful Gaia , Earth’s consciousness, is responding to this new higher vibrancy,..we are 8 yrs into this energy change & the old energy is being pushed aside with great many things that are still stored in the old energy are now redundant..the 1st of these is Karma .it needs to be ditched for us to truly align to this new higher fresher vibrancy..Karma is past it’s sell by date, dead, not needed.. the stagnancy of completion in lifetime after lifetime , coming back to complete something left from before..rinse & repeat, stale . eliminate your Karma, as soon as possible,move away from it’s energy belief.. the pattern of repeating the past is over, gone,vamoosed,there is nothing in the old energy to complete, or finish..Karma has served its purpose & well, if you still believe in this old paragram it will act as an hindrance ,s drag in your energy field, a hindrance,in your your awakening evolution of the now!!.

Joy & happiness to you all..GG

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