Delusions of the past.

The most common delusions of old energy are

“Everything repeats itself, nothing new:… drivel..newness is all around us, & growing,repeation us dying or gone.

“You cannot get ahead”.. more can create & manifest & be whatever you chose.

“You are not worthy”..baloney.. you are magnificent, wonderful, beautiful,you choose to come here,so of course you are fact you are divine, only you can deny yourself your worth.

“God, is vengeful,human, only mythology” etc.. balderdash..we are all created as a child of God, it is only linear thinking, arrogance,or fear of the unseen that paints god as a human..god is love,divinty,source, the creator.of all..not are an aspect of God,,so ask yourself are you mythical!

“Darkness is in control”

My arse!! exist,s ,but it has been beaten by love & light, & no longer runs the show, but there are those who.still chose it, so it will still show its head..oh yes!..but the days of darkness &: despair are diminished,..more & more days &;people are filled with joy, happiness,&. bathed in brillant balanced light & love.

Celebrate, Celebrate, as we embrace the passing of the.old, be happy,humble, benevolent,& laugh,& dance,in gratitude of the source we are & the beautiful humans we are becoming.

I you all you are magnificent, beautiful, & loving , & of course I love you all..GG

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