Winds of Birth

Hold onto your’s the winds of

As I explained preciously, everytime, we leave this planet, a piece of us is embedded in the crystalline core of blessed mother Earth…our soul then goes through a 3 day transition period (linear time) before it regains the knowledge to fly returns home to source, this is a joyful, celebratory time .. there is no despair or sadness, upon death,it is just another old energy falacy that we suffer in despair. No no..we are returning home it is joyous.

When we make the choice to return to Earth again, we do so via the “Winds of Birth” it is here while taking in our 1st rebirth breath of Gaia,s life breathing air, that we make our final choices for our return. (the now choices )..our birth starts here..not in pregnancy..then we are carried by the winds of Gaia into a new life, where the beautiful Earth mother Gaia, returns all the pieces of our previous lives ..this is so beautiful, & we never come back empty, this is how the human grows & becomes more aware.

I send you light,& love ..GG


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