Joy & Celebration over Covid-19!!

Am I

Create Joy, celebrate joy,jump,shout,stamp your feet in fun & laugh, play in a childlike way .how many times have you been all told to curb your enthusiasm, or have not let yourself go in jubilation & happiness because of what other people may think .go the opposite..embrace your play,joy, happiness, fun,.it is spirit & god source flowing through is an expression of love, for yourself & others, .

The old paragram of celebrating god in a solemn way, head bowed obsolete…what god denies consistent celebration..not the god of who you are.

The new vibrant energy of Earth is upon us…Covid-19 had/has a purpose, to allow the planet to come to a stand still for a while,..less pollution, less people crushing together, poisoning beach other & Earth with toxic energies, I loved lockdown, the purity of Nature was evident, it flowed through me, Gaia Earth’s consciousness needed to recalibrate ,refresh building to burst forth fresher with this much needed change for Gaia,Earth & humanity..& to allow the last vestiges of old energy surface, showing the true nature of stiffing controlling world governments…now you can either look at the state of the world ,from an old energy, & despair at all the poison, corruption,control, dis&ease poverty, war , starvation,& crime, as bad..or we can see it as showing us the old ways are broken..making us aware that the system & old templates are not working. So we can fix it..that’s all, so it’s actually very exciting, beautiful,& we should all be celebrating , we are all free, & joyful children of God/source ..

Blessed are the humans who are joyful,& happy in the midst of seemingly chaos … I love you all ..GG

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