We are Gaia,s & Earth’s Helpers, not Destroyers.

I got the inspiration to write this blog from the beautiful blogger Diosraw.. at “love is the answer ”

ENOUGH, Humanity will no longer destroy this beautiful planet of Earth mother Gaia .she has now found ways to heal herself against the wanton destruction by illi formed humans who have forgotten there origins & purpose..when our beautiful, wonderful planet makes it,s full.ascension to 5D, all of those that have not yet awakened, or began to awake, will cease to be.. going back to source to try again sometime.

Gaia will with the aide of awakened humanity transcend to 5D, with our newly attuned vibrancy & understanding…we are part of Gaia,s consciousness, a piece of us is embedded in the Earth’s multi-dimensional crystalline core Everytime we come here, Gaia remembers, Gaia knows, she will no longer tolerate the wanton destruction ..that is a old worn, well past sell by date template that no longer works..the higher conscious evolving human now stands by the beautiful goddess Earth mother Gaia, in her moment of of expansion & growth..& I in grace, gratitude,respect,honour & love, of her stand up & shout in blessings & joy count me in” oh wonderful Earth Mother Goddess”…

Much love & healing to you all…GG

2 responses to “We are Gaia,s & Earth’s Helpers, not Destroyers.”

  1. DiosRaw - Amber Avatar
    DiosRaw – Amber

    Beautiful. ❤


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