The Akashic records.

It was probably down to the often beligned & misunderstood Madam Helena p Blavatsky 1831-91(Russian) Occultist, Philosopher who founded the Theosophical Society, in 1875 ..that the idea of the Akashic records blossomed in the Western world.

Akasha..being the Sanskrit word for sky,space..the Akashic records are the mystical knowledge that are encoded in a non-physical plane of existence often called the Astral plane

Every thought that has ever existed& possibly will ever be are stored here.

When accessed through specific asked questions in deep meditation, the information contained therein could contain knowledge about what you were like in previous lives, which could be upsetting ..or they might not make any sense in that moment of now.

Remember the records just tell us what the most likely outcome is going to be, based on our previous choices, but of course our current choices may well change the outcome.

Your choices are very powerful..when coming from the “I AM Free” knowing..they are much more aligned with your destiny ..GG


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