Because I am preparing a work on the “Real Galactic Wars” which for the most part took place in the Orion Constellation..so to help you (& me..lol) here is a bit of background information.

The constellation is pictured as a giant Hunter, with a shield in his hand, a belt & sword around his waist surrounded by two hunting dogs.

There are 7 main stars in a Constellation of 88.

The belt is known as Orion,s belt & is formed with 3 stars…Alnilak, Anilam & Minfaka.

10 of the stars contain planets. The brightest two stars are Rigel (a triple star system, approx 772 light years away., It shines 85,000 times brighter then our 🌞 & is the 7th brightest star in our universe & Betelgeuse a red super giant 662 light years away, & 10 million yrs old.. it is the 10 brightest star in our universe.

The Orion Nebulla (a cloud of gases & dust) can be seen.

Bellatrix ( yes they named the Helena Bonham Carter character Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter movies after the Star.)..is the closest to Earth at 250 Light years away.

The constellation is 243-1360 light years away..

Finally the Pliedes, a 7 star system in Taurus..is in cosmic terms very close..I tell you this because “The.pliadians currently one of the Federation council of light” were involved in this conflict.

You are all COSMIC…GG

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    DiosRaw – Amber

    I love these posts, keep them coming! ❤


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