Galactic wars

Yes this did happen.. Mostly in the Orion star system, & predominantly orchestrated by the Draconians, (Draco,s) a reptilian races ..a rather complex series of events that happened millions of years ago. But it’s events led to the birth of the human race..our true unremembered, & uncensered history.

I am either going to write a ebook in this, or break it down into lots of bite sized blogs.

If I decide to do a ebook anybody who wishes to read it will be able to download it for a nominal

For now I will reveal no more..I know I am a tease. Lol.. but short,sweet & easy just as I like…GG


One response to “Galactic wars”

  1. DiosRaw - Amber Avatar
    DiosRaw – Amber

    Haha, indeed there is so much of our galactic history hidden from us.. It would be great to read some posts on this. ❤


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