Angel Blessings

This is a brief guide & blessing to the angels.

“Oh you beautiful vibrant beings of light & highest dimensional Existence..I bless you 9 times..1 for each individual aspect of God & source.

Angel ..our guardian,s .I bless you.

Archangels.. God’s commanders .I bless you,s of cities & Nations .I Bless you.

Powers..angels of birth & Death…I bless you

Virtues.. brilliant or shining ones..I bless you

Dominions..The Regulators…I bless you.

Thrones..The many eyed ones..I bless you

Cherubim..Eden’s guards..I bless you.

Seraphim.. The burning eyes..I Bless you.

“I Thank you, honour you & am humbled in your presence.”

Listen to your Guardian guided, & they will protect you..I love you in light..GG


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