World population (Explosion)?

I like to keep things is a little more complicated for me !!..double

The population of Earth has soared over the last 20 yrs in particular, from 5 Billion to around 7 Billion..approx. Lol.

Some put it down to the lack of birth control in Africa & Asia, despite china putting a cap on child births. What is the real cause I hear you screaming .lol..hang onto to hats..

Earth had been the most important planet in this Galaxy & universe for thousands of millennia..the reason behind this is the 3D reality experiences it offers us as light source beings , experiences that we as indivisulised aspects of source choose to seek & understand, in an effort to make us more whole & complete..& because Earth needs our help to expand & transcend from a 3D reality to 5D..we as light beings know this, & other advanced beings like the Arcturians, Lemurian,s & Paleidians, have been here &: experienced 3D only to discover there templates did not a human form was created to achieve this,.. this has been our purpose , & that goal is close, the final push is here so to speak..hence the reason hundreds of thousands of light soul sources have elected to come here recently..thus the population expansion of recent years,.

The problem is a light body entering a solid 3D reality body (human form) is a Stark shock to our system,.. due to duality, solidity, & a controlled environment, ,we soon forget why we came here, & therefore have to work through the collective experiences of Earth’s 3D reality till we begin to remember our true purpose once again ,& then using our own individual purpose , talents ,skills,gifts & knowledge in a collective way to achieve this.

I know many of my beautiful followers are if not already doing this are well.on the way to. You have my blessings..GG

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  1. DiosRaw - Amber Avatar
    DiosRaw – Amber

    Thanks for sharing! ❤


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