Whatever our relationship with our Earth mother, good,bad or indifferent, from a Earth 3D solid perspective we love them in the way we understand , notice I say Understand, rather then can, because love in this 3D reality is based on us knowing it as conditional, & not unconditional..& also as we choose the circumstances we are born into we only know the limited love influences of them experiences…

Our love for our mother is however instinctive & often our source love finds a way through our restricted 3D crude & gunge, & radiates our mother in a beautiful energy ways.

When we finally make the decision to take an new enlightened, awakening way, more often then not as our true unconditional love intensifies & shines , our love for not only our Earth mother but others changes, almost certainly becomes more unconditional, as our Feminine energy expands & connects with birth mother’s feminine energy.

Sadly lots of humanity may never experience this expanding unconditional love for their Earth birth mother’, particularly, those who were shown what they understood of love , very little or none,as a child.

We do of have more the one mother,..when I 1st realised the connection to my starseed mother I cried uncontrollably for starseed mother was at that time ,the most beautiful female I had ever seen (a majestically ,warm, compassionate,fun,& encompassing love of Feminine energy). I feel blessed , grateful, & so humble in her presence, changed me dramatically

In ending whatever your relationship with your mother, if you still. can open up your expanded heart & love them with as much beauty & light you can.

If your mother as moved on then simply pray for her beauty,love in understanding ‘& gratitude..

We are all blessed by a divine feminine energy…GG

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