Making yourself In-visible. read this right..I am going to explain to you an exercise , that I was taught, yet again many years ago…( In the early 90,s)that will in the surface make you invisible.

First of all thus is the official dictionary meaning if Invisible

” Not perceptible by the eye, not visible”

Bearing in mind everything is energy- your outgoing energy field & eye contact make you visible to people. They pick up on your pulsating , vibrations. So to become In-visible to others, you need to bring your energy in-ward, so.visible becomes In-visible, by controlling your outgoing energy vibrations.

So here is the excecise, try it if you wish, the results may surprise you. .but the main purpose of this discipline/exercise is to learn to control your energy. Have fun with this however

Go to either a fairly busy park or shopping mall. To begin take several deep breaths, feeling your energy around you. Then slowly pull your energy in-wards, bow your head looking down at an approximate 45% angle, focus your eye,s ahead only, in that position.

Breathe deeply s few more times, then slowly begin to walk using what is known as ,” tiger steps”one foot in front of the other, one foot in front of the other,a nice even pace…walk about 100 meter’s like this.

Because all of your energy is focused inward & you are moving at a steady even pace, & making no eye contact with anybody, everybody who comes near will pass you by not noticing you…some may even walk into you “Excuse me , I didn’t see you there” or something similar in apology.

A controlled energy is always superior to a scattered Willy nilly remember try & have fun with this.

Blessing in love..GG

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  1. Interesting! Thank you, Amber


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