A Crystal Barrier

In order to show you the power of Crystal energy ,here is a personal account of an actual event that I witnessed at a Crystal healing weekend workshop in 1996/7.

The Facilitator a woman named Lesley, managed to persuade a workshop participate ( no no not me!!) to lay down in the middle of the room.

Taking a ginormous clear Crystal quartz, which Lesley called “A Generator” she placed it on the floor above the head of the laying woman,. She placed another generator below her feet.

Holding a beautifully crafted 8″ Crystal quartz wand Lesley standing above the generator placed at the, head began to slowly at first, move the wand in a clockwise circular motion , round & round getting faster & faster..from where I was watching I could literally see the energy building.

Maintaining the speed & even circular motion Lesley began to move down the body of the laying woman, whipping up the energy as she went , she stopped at the generator placed at the feet.& stood there creating a whirlwind of energy around the feet..for several minutes, before moving back up the body to the head generator, all the while building the crystaline energy..Seven times she moved up & down the body..”1 for each of the bodies main Chakras ” Lesley told us when asked.

She finished with a flurry of strong circular motions..

Another selected participate..(no no not me again unfortunately)..lol..was asked to place themselves above the prostrate body & slowly lower themselves down in a sitting position, stopping when they felt an energy resistance. This they did , & they promptly stopped lowering themselves when they felt the resistance .

Lesley then told them to sit , & lo & behold there before me..was this person sitting unaided above another on a bench of Crystal generated energy… wow!!!.

I am not a Crystal healer , but since that day I.have been the proud owner of a small quartz Crystal wand & a set of Chakra coloured energy crystals.

Much love & blessings ..GG

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