Sensing Earth’s dimensional shift,s

At 7.06 am GMT today , I sensed & felt another shift in the Earth’s energy .

This is happening in truly regular basis now.

As your perception & awareness expands you will align more with Gaia, & Earth’s energy.

Some of you will ,like I do sense & feel it, others will hear,& see it, there will be some who will, feel,sense, hear & see it.

With me I tend to feel a rumbling, & tingling sensation in my body.It begins either in my head,neck region, hands or feet, till my entire body is tingling & I often lose the ground beneath ( Earth’s white diamond, multi-dimensional core) vibrates.

You will inevitably feel the bigger dimensional shifts 1st..the next of which is 12/12..once you become aware of your own ways of processing the bigger shifts, you open up & become receptive to the smaller one,s.. which are actually quite numerous.

As 12/12 approaches I will ( as I like to give practical ways to experience what I know, from my own personal experiences) show you a simple & easy exercise that will help tune you into these events, so you will also (if you don’t already & wish to) feel the constant shifts in energy.

Because I personally think it is very important to embrace this, as Earth is rapidly moving from 3D to 5D & it brings me great joy & love if I can aide even 1 of my fellow light brothers & sister’s understand,grow & expand into the beautiful new dawn that is fast transforming & emerging on Earth.

You are loved & love simultaneously…GG

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