A Story of Heavenly Perception.

A well known philosopher, arrived at the gates of heaven. Where St Paul who said ” before you can enter,you must answer a simple question correctly” “very well” said the philosopher.

St Paul stepped forward & told the Philosopher,” first take a look in that room on the right,& tell me exactly what you see””ok” replied the Philosopher opening the door & stepping in.

Once inside he told St Paul, ” I see a big room with simple pure white walls, in the middle of the room is a big white bed & on the bed is” the Philosopher gasped as he continued” I can see myself making love to a beautiful woman ” St Paul smiled & told the Philosopher “all done” the Philosopher nodded, ” very well ” said St Paul , now take a look at the room on the left & describe what you see there”

Once again the Philosopher entered the room on the left, & told St Paul ” I see a large room with simple pure white walls, in the middle of the room is a big bed & once again I am on the bed making love to a beautiful woman.”

“Excellent” said St Paul..after a moment he continued ” now my Philosopher freind my question is this ” I want you to tell me the difference between the two rooms”.

The Philosopher was amazed & laughed as he said ” they are exactly the same, there is no difference”..are you sure?” St Paul asked ” of course I am ” the Philosopher replied.

After a brief pause St Paul answered ” wrong answer, I am afraid you are denied entry to heaven” ,& walked away..”wait ” shouted the Philosopher” “at least tell me the answer” ..St Paul stopped & turned & smiling said, ” ok , it’s simple, the room.on the left is heaven for you. However the room on the right is hell for that woman.

Perception..strange indeed!!.

Blessings in love GG

One response to “A Story of Heavenly Perception.”

  1. Interesting, thank you. Amber 🙏


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