Christmas Energy

Christmas is coming, & regardless of religion, it is an amazing time for celebration, because we all have that mesmerising , wonderful, beautiful Christ conscious energy within us.

A time to have fun,play, & enjoy yourself in the moment , in whatever way you choose.

As 2020 has been different & this seasonal time , maybe not as hectic as times past , you may wish to take some time in solitude to acknowledge your connection to the Christ conscious part of yourself.

I generally have a small glass of plum wine or Brandy , toasting & affirming loudly my humble gratitude to the Christ energy & how thankful I AM to have that awareness embodied in my soul & how blessed I AM to know I can access it,(as we all can) should I choose, . A wonderful few minutes of inner recollection & retrospective of this truly god given gift.

Between now & End of January 2021, is a time of fun, laughter, play, & generosity with others, but also to pamper & respect yourself ..Since the 11/11 gateway , we have entered a period of fun, & gaiety & laughter for us humans..only self choice stops us from doing this…you have my permission to go out & enjoy yourself as you see fit, you are free, loving, prosperous,abundant & have the choice to to release your inner child & see & enjoy Christmas in awe like a child does…much love💙💜💛💚🌈..GG


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